Leap year leap

 I was born at night on February 29th, the day that doesn’t exist 3 years out of 4.  It’s like I don’t have a real birthday. When it does roll around I get nervous. I expect something bad to happen and I am relieved when it’s over and I’m safe till next time.

When checking my I.D. people like to comment on it, they are full of questions. Most want to know what day I celebrate.  I tell them; February 29th. Some don’t like this answer but it is how I feel.  Sure, I can eat cake, get presents and blow out the candles but that doesn’t make it my birthday.

I’ve always liked my non-birthdays. No expectations, no obligations.  I feel younger because of it.  Friends have pointed it out that they are aging faster than I am.   I guess I’ll have to get used to that.

I’d like to hear from anyone who has a leap year birthday.  How does it feel? What is it like?   Let me know.  We can wish each other a happy birthday.


Marc Marrs


15 thoughts on “Leap year leap

    • Dear Scribbler: Sometimes when I get anxious I’ll take a pen or pencil and paper and madly go about scribbling. I wonder if there is another word for that? Someone is outside my window whistling. It happens every spring. I’ll keep my eye out. Thanks again. You know who…

      • Dear marmarrs: Mad scribbling is a great hobby of mine. I don’t think there’s a term for it, but we’re writers, we can make one up. I suggest scribblemania. Which would make us scribblemaniacs.

  1. I think because your “real” birthday day only comes along every 4th year that makes it just more special. Other times I would celebrate on 28th Feb and 1st March – why make something smaller when you can make it bigger 🙂 Two birthdays for the price of one…

    • Dear themoviespecial, Thank you for your suggestion. On my next birthday in 2016, I will take my small day and make it bigger. Thanks again. (Ps: when is your birthday?)
      Marc Marrs

  2. I have always wondered about the people born on this date! That is so fascinating.

    Too often we mark time by years, hours, months and increments and frankly, I think it ages us.

    Perception of time has no meaning whenever you just stop and enjoy.

    • Dear Bookie: I got a lot out of your uplifting message that I am going to carry through this wet and stormy weekend. I appreciate the time that you put into responding to me.

    • Yes RC, Thank you. I am grateful that I get a birthday once every four years. I understand that in the year 2096 those leap year people of the future will have to wait a full eight years before they have a real birthday. It’s all in the math. Take care.

    • Of course I do, I feel younger but the day is overrated. I’m always curious about other people’s birthdays since I don’t have one. Will you tell me yours? Take care.

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