On Songwriting

To me songwriting is all about feeling, its instinctive. It’s abrupt and it comes on like a wave that washes over me.  It is cool and it fills me with a heightened sense of perception. It is a divine spark that empowers. It is mysterious and it is magical.

It is an urge that propels me to create, to explore concepts and feelings through melodies and verse.  It is a powerful feeling that I have no control over. It chooses the time and I must capture that feeling in a bottle before it is lost in a dark hole of the imagination never again to see the light of day. At times it comes on subtly, like a whisper, at others it comes like a roar and I must listen.

Then I must write it down. Sometimes life tends to get in the way. I have lost many a tune driving or on some idle errand. This is the frustrating part that I suppose many songwriters must deal with.  But I would say by far the joys of being a songwriter  exceeds the frustrations.

Like anything else there are many different ways to write a song; sometimes I have a concept idea which turns into lyrics and at other times the music or melody streams through my head where it gets recorded waiting for the words to follow.  At other times both the melody and lyrics stream in at once. These songs seem to have an extra bounce of their own and I get a sense of deja vu.  I really know that I am onto something. These songs usually turn out to be some of my better efforts.

Songwriting is a part of me. I have been doing it for some time. I have amassed a catalog of various flavors of song most are finished. Some I am working on now.  It is an important piece of my life that I would like to share with you.

I will be posting some of my work here on Brown Eyed Music in the near future. Please take a listen and tell me what you think.

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Marc Marrs

8 thoughts on “On Songwriting

  1. I appreciate your love for song writing and music, it would be great reading some of the finest work here on your blog! I loved how ya elaborated on “SONG-WRITING” being a part of you, I see a deep soul o the other end!
    Thumbs Up! 🙂

  2. Great post! It is always interesting to learn about the creative process from another artist. I am looking forward to hearing your music. I can sense a depth to your writing that I’m sure will reflect in your songs.

    • Hi Annabel: Thanks for your response. It was great to hear from you. I would be honored to have you review my latest song, “Pandora’s Box”.
      I am an aspiring songwriter who is searching for people to sing my songs and Pandora’s Box is the first of a series that I plan on posting onto my blog. Respectfully, Marc
      Hopefully the following link will work….

      Pandora’s Box

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