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Classical Trilogy 3

These three songs represent the middle of Classical Trilogy. They are among my favorites.  So sit back and take a listen…

Thanks, Marc


This is the first song I ever wrote. It is very green to me. What do you think?

Lady Of The Golden Wood

This is my ode to Spring with all the vibrancy of the season.

Helm’s Deep

This was written in three parts. I wanted to make the music sudden, urgent and dangerous.


Am I creepy enough for Halloween?

It’s funny about songwriting. I started writing this in a romantic vein and for many strange reasons that are unknown to me it morphed into a song about a Halloween spook. The character came from nowhere and declared himself. It’s fun to create and watch your creation take over.

Please listen and tell me what you think.  Am I creepy enough for Halloween?

Thanks, Marc

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“Don’t Count on Me.”

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Classical Trilogy 2

 Tolkien‘s trilogy of tales told: Fantastic beings in an imaginary land brought to life by the words of a master inspired me to write the following songs.

Click on each image to listen to the sounds of Middle Earth as interpreted by me on the piano.



Elrond’s Forest Council

Amid the forest green and the deepening dusk,  fires reflect the hastening uncertainty of decisions to be made by a few.  A procession forms.  Solemn and majestic.  At twilight on steeds of silver and gold ride the members of Elrond’s forest council.



The Mines of Moria



Foolish and proud you let yourself be known. Gaze deep and let the eye take you.  Beware of all that is near and dear.  Let it go and run and hide for your mind is now posessed by the fear that stalks you.  I saw the future in The Pool of the Morning Stars.






Delicate, magical and mystical, she was Mother Earth and Lady Spring.  Everything she touched blossomed and the Hobbits loved her. She was the morning sun and the evening star. She was known for her long golden tresses that fell below her shoulders.

Goldberry is the inspiration for this next song I would like to share from My Classical Trilogy. Just click on the link to listen.

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Space is timeless but our lives here on earth are measured by the clock or hourglass. I wrote this song while I was in a metaphysical mood late one evening.

I am sharing it here in tribute to The Apollo 11 Astronauts and the first landing of man on the moon on July 20th 1969.

The lyrics are as follows. Give it a listen and tell me what you think.


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I feel the hour is near and the moon has slipped away

The early dawn will light the pad in nightfall’s last embrace

Timeless secrets are locked into the stars

Mysteries forever past I will go that far

Will our race go on reaching out through space

The sands of time I left behind are sifting out of place

I know you’re searching I hope that you will find

The endless being that you are is born within your mind

I’m lifting off in summer I know I’m leaving seasons

I see I’m trailing sunsets mornings just goodbye

I’m past the obligations I’m looking down on nations

I know I’m leaving all the weight I left behind

The weight I left behind

Visions are getting clearer my eyelids slowly close

A single embryonic destiny has journeyed to my soul

At once all life began and with a cosmic burst

As galaxies of dustless gas filled the universe

From blinding speed of orbit where planets lie in row

Beyond the blue one near the sun where love was meant to grow

I’m lifting off in summer I know I’m leaving seasons

I see I’m trailing sunset mornings just goodbye

I’m past the obligations I’m looking out on nations

I know I’m leaving all the weight I left behind

The weight of all mankind

Rich Kids

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I’ll take you once let me take you some more

My swimming pool has a gold-tiled floor

I’m spending money cause Dad’s working hard

I have been taking charge

You see me wearing the fashion that’s right

I’ll drive my XKE that he signed

It helps me makes me feel like a man

Come on baby, I’ve got cash on hand

Cause we’re the rich kids and were making a hit

Rich kids we’ll do what we wish

Rich kids Rich kids

I like the girls I do as well as I can

Don’t need to study when you cheat on exams

You’re drinking beer when I’m pouring champagne

I’ll carry on in the family name

I don’t have to apologise

I’ll do what I want for the rest of my life

I’ve always got more funds than I need

I steal hub caps, what a thrill it’s a breeze

My friends and I we take what we need

Life is easy pass the cocaine please

I’ll take you once let me take you some more

My swimming pool has a gold-tiled floor

I’m spending money cause Dad’s working hard

I have been taking charge

Cause we’re the rich kids and were making a hit

Rich kids we’ll do what we wish

Rich kids Rich kids

I don’t have to apologise

I’ll do what I want for the rest of my life

I did this on a lark with the idea of writing a song about someone who was the opposite of me. It was recorded back in the day when we didn’t really care so much about anything but having fun.

I found the song in my attic, it was just taking up space so I decided to share it with you.

Warm Regards,


Happy Birthday Superman!

The days of my childhood played out like an endless summer with blue skies and backyard barbeques. The wild and wooly back roads of my suburban home still featured  horse trails and big grassy fields with marshy ponds where frogs croaked. Those days my mind was filled with imagination and wonder for the world around me.

I had deep feelings and when I believed something I really believed it. So when I got it in my mind one Fourth of July that it was Superman’s birthday ( it was obvious to me what other day would it be?) my brother almost fell out of his chair in laughter, he flashed an aggressive smile and then told me in no uncertain terms that Superman, my boyhood idol didn’t exist, that he was a made up product to sell comic books.

This didn’t surprise me. My brother was always teasing me;  I knew Superman was real. He had to be real. I mean he was ( and still is) all over the place: T.V series, comic books, coloring books, movies and the like.  It seemed everyone could identify with The Man of Steel.  I definitely did.

I was in awe of this wonderful Superman and I thought about him a lot at that time. His reality was a reassuring presence. I felt that if he was in the world then everything would be O.K.  I felt more hopeful believing in him and it was easy. He seemed to be the perfect ideal. I thought maybe someday I’d grow up to have muscles like him.

The best thing about Superman was that he wasn’t just strong, he was good too. He could do anything…be anything but he chose to help mankind. It was noble to be sure and his need to help came as a sacrifice. It isolated him from society.

In order for Superman to help the world he had to conceal his true self. I could really identify with that. I had always been intrigued with secret identities.

Who would know that at dinner there was a clue to who I really was. And that there was an old towel safety pinned to my shirt like a cape under my clothes. Only I knew this secret and it was important that no one would find out.

I aspired to be just like him: I would run across my bedroom, jump and land onto my bed and there I would “fly” across the world, arms outstretched, cape fluttering in the imaginary wind.

No one likes to be doubted; Of course Superman was real and it’s funny but after all these years later he still seems real

And why shouldn’t he be?  We need him now, especially during times like these.

The idea of Superman is what he stood for then and what he stands for today. He sends a message especially to the young about strength and courage, hope and fairness, about making a difference and trying hard. Superman is a hero of the highest quality. Born a symbol of America in his colorful bright red and blue, he inspires not just Americans but the whole world. He is the best and the brightest and his legend continues.

And he keeps popping up in the strangest places; from the animated series and all of those T-shirts with that big red and gold “S” to the new movie coming out next year. Superman lives and Clark Kent does too!  So Happy Birthday Kal-el, from me to you!

Marc Marrs

Classical Trilogy

I first started writing songs when I was nineteen. I was a jumble of emotions back then just like a lot of teenagers. I was lucky enough to have this musical spark in me and I felt the need to express myself musically. At the time I had just finished reading “Lord of the Rings Trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien and I was inspired to do a musical background for the books.

This was my first attempt at songwriting and it was a little daunting at the beginning but after the first few tries my confidence grew. My imagination ran wild as I brought Middle Earth to life. I was inspired by the mystical atmosphere, vivid landscapes, horrible monsters and great villains created by Tolkien’s imagination.   It turned out to be a major project. When I was finally finished I had 25 songs under my belt and that felt good. I felt at that point I could do anything.

Time has passed but Classical Trilogy always remained a favorite. When the movies came out it was interesting to see how the film makers expressed themselves. I think they did a good job with the movie and the music but I think I did pretty O.K. too. I’d like to share with you a sampling of three of the songs in Classical Trilogy. Please give a listen and tell me what you think. Click on the titles to listen. Thanks.


 The Departure of Boromir

Fond Farwells

Sounds from the Golden Hall


Just when you thought it was save to go back in the water was the tagline for one of the best water movies ever made:  “Jaws” thrilled, delighted and scared audiences across the country in the summer of 1975. Playing to packed, standing room only crowds this landbreaking movie became so popular it was the first film in history to clear the 100 million dollar mark and forever changed the way we look at swimming in the ocean.

But it didn’t start out that way. Jaws was based on the bestseller by the same name by Peter Benchley and expectations were high when filming began at Martha’s Vineyard in the spring of 1974. Universal was eager for a hit  but it was apparent from the start that things weren’t working out, they weren’t working out at all.

Few films are shot in open water. It can become a logistics nightmare and that is just what happened here.  Bruce, a 25 foot mechanical shark and “star” of the movie was a let down as it kept breaking down in the salty water and causing numerous delays in production.

And it was a nightmare for Steven Spielberg, a then 26-year-old fresh face on the scene. He was untried as he took over as director after the first one dropped out and it was soon clear to him why.

Besides the endless delays due to Bruce, the shark, ( Interestingly named after Spielberg’s lawyer) and the unpredictable Atlantic weather, there was an ever evolving script due to rewrites on top of rewrites. This was all adding up.

Filming was taking longer than expected. The actors soon grew restless and some even became ill as the demands of filming in the open sea started to take their toll on the human principles as well as the mechanical ones.

Everyone was exhausted and bereft of hope as production finally ceased that autumn. A shoot that was supposed to take 10 weeks had ended up taking 23 and was massively over budget to boot.

It just goes to show that you never can tell how something will work out in the end. I suppose they were all surprised when the film became so popular that summer. I remember all the hype at the time and how a mechanical shark, a budding great director and the public’s imagination can set box office records.

famous poster

famous poster (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So what happened?  Why was a film so wrought with difficulties in its creation become so successful?  Most credit the brilliant score by John Williams.  The  theme song  dedicated to the shark and the skilled editing by Vera Fields.  These factors contributed a great deal to the film’s success as did Bruce the shark himself.  It has been said that the mechanical shark’s many breakdowns forced Spielberg to only include it at the end and that led to the suspense of the movie.

Jaws is a character study of three men and their collective shark obsession:

 Chief Brody the local cop, played by Roy Scheider, a man  who’s afraid of water but is bound to duty and to the safety of the people of Amity. Hooper, A privileged shark expert portrayed by Richard Dreyfuss and Quint, the salty shark hater brilliantly performed by Robert Shaw.

These three men are brought together by fate and bound together by the need to hunt down that shark, whatever it takes…

…and it ends up taking a lot.  If you haven’t already, watch this film and find out what happens in the end and if you have seen this film, experience it again and remember why it was so good the first time.

Damn good movie

Marc Marrs

Fool of the Day

I initially started writing this song with your typical member of the mafioso in mind.  As time progressed, so did the lyrics and I found myself echoing the protests of the day, It morphed itself into a tale of corruption but this time on the “legal” side of the law. Shining the light of day on the criminal element of Wall Street. If you ask my opinion; I say a crook is a crook and who is the fool of the day?


Your pockets are full there’s change in the town

Old habits die hard corruption abounds

Men are made in the family way that’s the theme boy

For the fool of the day


Life is easy I’m getting rich

I’m passing bills without a glitch

Don’t get caught cause then you’ll pay the price boy

For the fool of the day


Take me break me the times have made me

Laws are meant to be broken by me

And in my fallen glory I’ll tell you my story

And I’ll never agree to cop to a plea no siree


I’m not worries about the government man

The dreams I had are over things got way out of hand

I watched my back and stayed discreet

And I was set up from a one to a three


Take me break me the times have made me

 Laws are meant to be broken by me

And in my fallen glory I’ll tell you my story

And I’ll make bail that’s a bona-fide guarantee

Your pockets are full there’s change in the town

Old habits die hard corruption abounds

Men are made in the family way that’s the theme boy

You’re the fool of the day

Click here to listen to FOOL OF THE DAY

Copyright © 2012 by Marc C. Miller