Classical Trilogy 3

These three songs represent the middle of Classical Trilogy. They are among my favorites.  So sit back and take a listen…

Thanks, Marc


This is the first song I ever wrote. It is very green to me. What do you think?

Lady Of The Golden Wood

This is my ode to Spring with all the vibrancy of the season.

Helm’s Deep

This was written in three parts. I wanted to make the music sudden, urgent and dangerous.

Classical Trilogy 2

 Tolkien‘s trilogy of tales told: Fantastic beings in an imaginary land brought to life by the words of a master inspired me to write the following songs.

Click on each image to listen to the sounds of Middle Earth as interpreted by me on the piano.



Elrond’s Forest Council

Amid the forest green and the deepening dusk,  fires reflect the hastening uncertainty of decisions to be made by a few.  A procession forms.  Solemn and majestic.  At twilight on steeds of silver and gold ride the members of Elrond’s forest council.



The Mines of Moria



Foolish and proud you let yourself be known. Gaze deep and let the eye take you.  Beware of all that is near and dear.  Let it go and run and hide for your mind is now posessed by the fear that stalks you.  I saw the future in The Pool of the Morning Stars.






Delicate, magical and mystical, she was Mother Earth and Lady Spring.  Everything she touched blossomed and the Hobbits loved her. She was the morning sun and the evening star. She was known for her long golden tresses that fell below her shoulders.

Goldberry is the inspiration for this next song I would like to share from My Classical Trilogy. Just click on the link to listen.

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Classical Trilogy

I first started writing songs when I was nineteen. I was a jumble of emotions back then just like a lot of teenagers. I was lucky enough to have this musical spark in me and I felt the need to express myself musically. At the time I had just finished reading “Lord of the Rings Trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien and I was inspired to do a musical background for the books.

This was my first attempt at songwriting and it was a little daunting at the beginning but after the first few tries my confidence grew. My imagination ran wild as I brought Middle Earth to life. I was inspired by the mystical atmosphere, vivid landscapes, horrible monsters and great villains created by Tolkien’s imagination.   It turned out to be a major project. When I was finally finished I had 25 songs under my belt and that felt good. I felt at that point I could do anything.

Time has passed but Classical Trilogy always remained a favorite. When the movies came out it was interesting to see how the film makers expressed themselves. I think they did a good job with the movie and the music but I think I did pretty O.K. too. I’d like to share with you a sampling of three of the songs in Classical Trilogy. Please give a listen and tell me what you think. Click on the titles to listen. Thanks.


 The Departure of Boromir

Fond Farwells

Sounds from the Golden Hall