My earliest memories are filled with atmosphere and music.  I remember when I first heard Ave Maria, I was 5 and I had a small record player that I played it on. Hearing it filled me with a sense of melancholy and wonder, I was overcome.   I thought it was the most beautiful sound I had ever heard. The woman singing it had such a powerful yet delicate voice, I instantly fell in love with music.  It was during the holiday season and I still remember the smell of the Christmas tree.

The time has come for me to share my songs with you out there. Because of the advent of technology I can now write, record and produce my music to share with the world.  This is my dream, this is my hope. I would really get a kick out of hearing someone perform my songs and singing my words.

I feel colors just as distinctly as I hear the music in my mind. Music is bursting with colors that I hear.

I have been writing for quite a while. My musical influences include the classics, british rock and various strains of sweet California music.

  I play strings and keyboard. My voice is O.K. but I have heard better hence I would like to have someone perform my songs eventually. They  have always represented the milestones in my life and I’m looking forward to sharing them with you if you will let me.

Marc Marrs

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      • 🙂 Pisces is sentimental 🙂 I also have a thing for water (lakes in my case), though I am an aquarius ;). Marc, I don’t know if you had a chance to see my summer post… there you can see some pictures of the Adriatic that might inspire you 😉

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