Pandora’s Box


Being so moved by the events of September 11, 2001. I needed to express my feelings about that fateful day in song. Although it has been more than a decade, my memories of that day and the history that followed are strong and clear. 

I wrote the following song “Pandora’s Box” as a warning to the future just as much as a memory of the past.

Pandora’s Box (click to listen)

Bottles in ice toasting higher places

Blacked out rooftops are included with such.

Weapons of war rise among the towers

Pandora’s Box has now been touched

Burning bridges across the water

Tanks roll there’s trouble along the way

I see the sky’s on fire

Night it seems has turned to day

Basement dwellings amid the thunder

Highlights low tones savor it all

Blinding battles in spite of the weather

Win or lose who can recall

Copyright   ©2012 by Marc C. Miller

Pandora’s Box (click to listen)